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Everest & Jennings Advantage manual wheelchair



Everest & Jennings introduces the latest in a long tradition of quality wheelchairs.

The Advantage is the newest addition to the Everest & Jennings line, a brand respected for performance and durability.
The Advantage Wheelchair provides comfort and durability at an affordable price. Designed as a low maintenance wheelchair, it offers an attractive silver vein durable hammer tone steel finish and comes standard with padded nylon upholstery.


MSRP:  $310.00 Swing-away footrest

MSRP:  $335.00 Elevating leg-lift


Mobility 3100SL manual wheelchair


Mobility 3100SL


If you are looking for a sturdier manual wheelchair with a wonderful cushioned seat, the MOBILITY 3100SL is the one.   An economically priced wheelchair featuring fixed padded armrests, fixed aluminum footrests and a luxurious padded seat with a heavy-duty chrome-plated, double-braced steel frame.

This folding manual wheelchair has 8" castors with solid rubber front tires, solid 24" rear spoke  wheels with solid rubber tires, and patient controlled brakes.

MSRP: $199.00


Start M5 Comfort manual wheelchair by Ottobock

Start M5 Comfort


The Start M5 Comfort by Ottobock is stylish and comfortable, without losing strength or durability. Combined with its adaptability, this wheelchair really fits to your needs.

Lightweight and versatile, the Start M5 Comfort won’t slow you down!




MSRP:  $


Mobility-4000XL manual wheelchair by Mobilityunlimited

Mobility 4000XL



With sturdy steel tubing construction the MOBILITY LEG LIFT is another traditional wheelchair with swing-away footrest, with the added benefit of elevating leg-rests and padded calf pads for comfort and convenience. This folding manual wheelchair is 40% lighter than a conventional wheelchair, has fixed armrests and footrests. Practical, comfortable and a good choice for easy portability, the chair has a weight capacity of 225lbs.  With its unique hinged back the chair folds easily and can be stored in the trunk of a compact car.


MSRP: $210.00     OUT OF STOCK


Motus manual wheelchair by Ottobock


The Motus by Ottobock is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customized to your unique preferences. Adjustable on the fly, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allows for more comfortable seating. Optionally, you can get your Motus with compact, fixed front frame and single panel aluminum footrest.
Always on the go? The Motus can be folded quickly to make transport and storage simple, saving you time and energy.


MSRP:  $

Start M2-Effect manual wheelchair by Ottobock

Start M2 Effect

From armrests to footplates, the M2 Effect Manual Wheelchair from Ottobock is adjustable to your unique needs. Because of its modular construction, it is easy to make adjustments with only one set of tools.
For those on the go, it’s versatility and comfort allow you to go about your day-to-day activities with ease.



MSRP:  $


Transporter manual wheelchair by Future Mobility



Double cross-brace.   Removable Arms. 

 Fold down back canes.  Slip on back upholstery.  Slip on seat upholstery.  Curb climber feature on lower part of rear side frame.

Removable rear wheels with plastic coated hand-rims.  Wheel locks – push to lock. Composite footplates.  Heel loops (optional).



MSRP:  $

Galaxy Lite manual wheelchair

Galaxy Lite


Elliptical heavy duty cross-brace tubing. Adjustable camber angle on rear wheels (3°). Angle adjustable caster fork stem.  Slip on seat upholstery.  Quick release removable rear wheels with stainless steel or plastic coated hand-rims.  Wheel locks (push or pull to lock). Flip up rear anti tippers.  Composite or aluminum footplates.  Heel loops.  Dual Swing-away leg-rest (60°,70°,80° or 90°)


MSRP:  $

Northern Lite manual wheelchair

Northern Lite

Heavy duty double cross-brace tubing. Adjustable camber angle on rear wheels (3°, 5°).  8 Position rear axle plate.  Multi position caster fork.  Northern Lite seat cushion and seat upholstery.  Quick release removable rear wheels with aluminum hand-rims.

 70 degree pin-style front riggings.  Composite footplates.  Wheel locks (push or pull to lock). Adjustable rear anti tippers.  Heel loops.


MSRP:  $

Stelatto manual wheelchair


Elliptical heavy duty cross-brace tubing. Adjustment of caster housing angle. Removable rear wheels with stainless steel or plastic coated hand-rims.  60° or 70° swing-away upgraded front riggings.  Aluminum or composite foot plates.  Slip on seat upholstery. Armrest options flip-back or T-style.  Wheel locks (push or pull to lock) with extension handles.


MSRP:  $


Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs


Everet & Jennings Traveller HD heavy duty wheelchair

Traveller HD


Everest & Jennings introduces the latest in a long tradition of quality wheelchairs.

The Traveler HD provides the ideal solution to the need for a heavy duty frame designed to support up to 500 lb users.
The Traveler HD comes with double cross-braces, heavy-duty 5/8" diameter axles, and a long lasting, embossed back and seat upholstery with a double inner liner for durability.
Available in 20", 22" and 24" seat widths, with 18" seat depth (1" longer than standard).


MSRP:  $595.00 24"  Swing-away footrest

MSRP:  $625.00 24"  Elevating leg-rest

GF Paramount XD bariatric manual wheelchair

Paramount XD



The Paramount XD is ideal for the bariatric wheelchair user. It features 26” and 30” seat widths as well as a weight capacity of 650 lbs.
Black reinforced nylon upholstery. 

19 ½” Seat depth.  Swing-away foot-rest and Elevating leg-rest options. 
Maximum weight capacity of 650 lbs.
Reinforced welds and gussets on frame.
8” x 2” Solid casters.  24” Solid rear wheels


MSRP:  $695.00 26"  Swing-away footrest

MSRP:  $750.00 26"  Elevating leg-rest

MSRP:  $795.00 30"  Swing-away footrest

MSRP:  $850.00 30"  Elevating leg-rest

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